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PRICE: $ 3,000

Double pneumatic heat press with 38x48 cm membrane plates. Due to the two membrane plates productivity can be doubled, while power consumption is on the level of a single plated heat-press.

  • Automatic movement of heated plate after moving the heated plate (can be switched on or off)

  • Adjustable distance between heated-plate and workplate

  • Self-adjusting heated-plate (it may be rotated).

  • Safety frame

  • The flat membrane plates work as a traditional workplate if used without compressed air.

  • Changeable, rotatable workplate.

  • Works with membrane and traditional plates as well.

  • High surface pressure.

  • Optimised heating power (value can be displayed)

  • Warning signal till the machine reaches the set temperature.

  • Counter (can be reset).

  • Protection against switch-on after an eventual power outage.

  • Heating element cast into aluminium.

  • Replaceable protective teflon sheet on heated plate.

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