PRICE: $ 16,000

TEXWORK is a manual textile printing carousel with unlimited configuration.

It has the ability to install several special pallets to print for example on umbrellas, sleeves, jackets, caps, vacuum pallet and others.


TEXWORK is equipped with micrometric screws for better adjustment of each colour.

  • Made in Portugal with an excepional build quality 

  • Excellent registration system

  • Palettes and screens can rotate separately;

  • Individual micro register in each color;

  • Possibility to print with different screen sizes;

  • Individual adjust from screen angle;

  • Possibility to adjust pallet length direction;

  • Super stable pallet arm;

  • Fast and easy assembly from screens and pallets

  • Screen clamps lateral as option;

  • Solid mechanics construction;

  • Available accessories to print: caps, umbrellas, jackets, transfers, sleeves, etc...