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Adco has been embedded in the Screen Print and special application machinery for 30 plus years, manufacturing screen printing machinery, researching and developing print solutions, servicing ,repairing, reconditioning machinery, supplying various consumables and general engineering.


Based in Melbourne . Whether it be Screen/Digital machinery, Support, maintenance or consumables Adco has the complete range to suit your needs. Established in 1975 as a printing maintenance business, the nineties witnessed an in house manufacturing boom.


Adco began manufacturing Direct Emulsion Coating machines, Automated and Semi-Automated Screen Printing machines and then Squeegee Cutting machines. At the turn of the century Adco became involved in Digital machinery and service for Large Format Digital printers like Inca, Gandi, Mutoh solvent printers and Epson Dye based printers.

Our machines are well known for their build quality and reliability. A specialty of Adco is machine reconditioning, modification and current technology upgrades. Adco have developed custom machinery such as loading/unloading machines, special purpose dryers, slitting and laminating machines and remote indicator systems. Adco Smart Sign use the latest in remote gateway technology incorporating purpose built software.

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