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Direct to film printing is an exciting addition to the inkjet garment decoration process that requires no pre-treatment even for white ink.


What is DTF, direct to film printing?
DTF is an alternative printing process to DTG. Using a specific kind of water-based ink to print a film transfer that is then dried, a powdered glue is applied to the back and then heat cured ready for storage or instant use. One of the benefits to DTF Is there is no need to use pre-treatment, the powdered glue does this job for you. Once heat pressed the soft water based ink is transferred to the garment in just 15 seconds. The transfer is best used onto polyester and other non cotton fabrics that are difficult to print using traditional DTG printing.

DTG is designed predominantly for cotton garments, DTF will never replace DTG for cotton printing, but it is a good alternative when starting off in business due to its lower level of investment for a stand alone version or a fully automated system for mass production transfers.

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