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Adco has over 20 years experience in the production of digital film separations.
Finding the right combination of software, hardware and ink can be very tricky.
Adco recommends and supports Wasatch SoftRIP. 
Wasatch is a subscription only service. 

Check pricing here:

Adco can assist with printer configuration setup in Wasatch either remotely or onsite.

The Epson SureColor range has proven to be a very reliable printer when it comes to Screen Printing Film Positive production with the added bonus of :

  • Fewer colour cartridges. The SureColor's have 5 slots including CMY, Photo Black and Matte Black. This makes sure you do not have to buy multiple cartridges

  • Sealed cartridges which prevents air entering the ink lines which inevitably damages the nozzles.

  • Paired up with Wasatch SoftRIP you can get the most out of the printer using specific configurations for resolution and halftones

Film printing on an Epson 11880

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