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Adco has specialised in reconditioning machinery for over 30 years.

Over that time they have built up expertise in electrical and mechanical improvement and replacement, Drive system replacement and painting methods for durable long term use. Adco also modifies each machine individually for better function and ease of use.

At Adco, we go beyond restoration, customizing machines to improve their functionality and user-friendliness, ensuring they meet the highest standards for performance and ease of use.

New PLC and Switchgear

More often than not the demise of a machine is due to failed and unavailble electrical components. We can replace it all.

Rewiring a machine including a current PLC will ensure that not only can the PLC be replaced if it fails but also allow fast fault finding and repair ensuring downtime is minimal.

New Control Panel

A new control panel not only enhances the machine's aesthetics but also elevates its functionality.
Furthermore, we have the capability to introduce additional features that were not present before, enhancing the machines usability.
Additionally, if desired, we can seamlessly integrate a new touchscreen to provide enhanced functionality.

New electrical control panel
Motor Service

Motors comprise various components, including bearings, windings, brushes, and brakes, all of which are subject to wear and tear. We proactively address this issue by expertly extracting the motor(s) and delivering them to specialized technicians who administer the care and attention they require.

The motor/s serve as the unsung workhorse within the machinery, often overlooked and seldom receiving the necessary maintenance and servicing it deserves.

298 SEW Motor.jpg
298 - SEW Motor 2.jpg
Replace/Repair damaged parts

Initially, we perform a comprehensive assessment of the machine to identify any faulty components, and we promptly inform the customer about the necessary repairs. If we discover any issues with air cylinders, fittings, or air hoses, we replace them to ensure optimal performance.

Adco has the equipment and skillset to repair

As time passes, pneumatic components tend to deteriorate. In many cases, the valves and solenoids originally used in the machines become obsolete or discontinued. However, we have the capability to replace these outdated components with readily available valves and solenoids, ensuring the continued functionality of the machinery.

Pneumatic Repairs
updated valves and solenoids
General Frame Cleaning & Painting

To rejuvenate the machine, we strip the machine down and perform a thorough pressure cleaning to eliminate accumulated dust, grease, and grime accumulated over the years.

We further enhance the machine's appearance and durability. This includes sanding and applying a coat of 2-pack paint, which contains a hardener for increased resistance against damage. Additionally, we paint guards with color-matched paint to maintain a uniform aesthetic.

It's worth noting that we exclusively employ 2 Pack PPG Marine Grade paint, ensuring the highest quality finish and durability for your machine.

Upgrades (Simplex)
  • Pneumatic vacuum on / off for set up

  • Cycle 1 & 2. Allows user to finish the print with a clean screen

  • AC Inverter

  • AC Motor / Gearbox

  • Sliding proximity switches for print stroke

297 Machine.jpg
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