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Squeegee Cutter

1350mm Cut Length
230 VAC

The ADCO 'Original' Squeegee Cutter excels in producing a superior squeegee edge, catering to diverse screen printing sectors such as high-end graphics, cutting-edge industrial applications, glass decoration, and textile printing.

Our 'Original' Squeegee Cutter employs a unique coolant system that delivers a wet-cutting edge suitable for various squeegee rubber types. The Model B Semi-Automatic version features a motor-driven rotary disk cutting carriage, which performs wet cuts from right to left and automatically halts on the left side. Following each cut, the operator manually releases and returns the cutting carriage to the far right position before re-locking it to initiate the next squeegee cutting cycle. This innovative design revolves around a rotating blade that precisely trims a thin strip of squeegee rubber, achieving a thickness of 0.03" to 0.04" (0.8 - 1.1 mm) in a single cutting pass.

ADCO's proven cutting method is currently utilized worldwide. Below, you can find a comparison highlighting the primary distinctions between the "original" ADCO and other machinery.

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